Multiplayer Frame rate?

(Disclaimer: I love Halo 5 and all that I’ve seen so far. I’m one to believe that it has the best multiplayer since H2)
I’ve not yet gotten my hands on Halo 5 (played the beta, but I’ve not played the released version) I plan to buy an xbox elite bundle with Halo 5 next weekend, but I have some Major concerns about the multiplayer which i’m hoping those who have played or currently play could help me with.

I’ve noticed the 60 Frame rate per second is true as it relates to you the player, but from the gameplay I’ve watched there seems to some jarring player/enemy animations when distance is a factor. I mean once I noticed it, I couldn’t un-notice it. (it was that distracting). Players in Arena seem to be at 30 fps, yet their positioning is 60 fps which looked incredibly bad…I will still get the game and plan to climb the ladders of onyx/champion (hopefully lol) but this is an issue that really has been bugging me.

Question: Has 343 responded to this? Could they fix this with a patch?