multiplayer frame rate issues

im not sure what it is, whether or not its my computer or the game, but on PC, im having extreme issues with in game frame rates at abismal low’s. My Computer has a GTX 1060 ROG strix with 6Gb, an i5 7600 and 16Gb of ddr4 Ram at 2300Mhz, whilst running the game on an intel SSD. i thought that it might have been the computer and turned the graphics details down to low af but it still lags. The campaign runs smoothly at Ultra so im even more confused. Im using a wireless connection, but ive got a 140Mbp/s connection to my router and a download speed of 38Mbp/s and upload of 2Mbp/s. If anyone has any fixes or solutions to the problem, that would be nice to read

from what i can tell though, i migyt not be the only one, so im going to install the game on my xbox after i come home from work in 6 hours and see if there is any difference

I am having the same issue on PC as well as both of my brothers all on high end PC’s. The multiplayer is broken… Its so laggy it is not enjoyable. We played only against AI and even then it was stuttering so bad it almost makes you want a refund. we did 3v3 deathmatch against AI… so Creative Assembly and 343 need to patch this fast before the 21st… These pre orders are not looking so awesome anymore.

it’s something to do with their method of hosting… i don’t believe they used dedicated servers, my guess is they use player hosting, and cross-region play.

I’ve noticed during peak hours, my friend who is stateside and myself had a few matches with almost no issue. skip to early morning play for me solo, all matches are unplayable. my assumption is during peak time, i’m matching with US players, whereas early morning i’m probably seeing more EU/AUS players.

could be wrong, but whatever the cause it needs fixed. Blitz is completely unplayable and most pvp matches as well.