Multiplayer experience

You may have saw my last feedback based on progression system but I like this one better since I put time and effort writing this down.

Here we go.

“Clears throat”

Dear 343
I love the multiplayer experience, the gameplay, mechanics, sandbox and Jeff Steitzer’s voice is back. it’s just like halo again but with good stunning graphics. However something is missing. Remember when Halo MCC multiplayer portrays progression system through these 3 things listed down below??

1 Display medals xp like double kill or killing spree.

2 Performance xp such as teamwork.

3 Earn xp by killing enemy players.

Those are the reasons why I kept playing Halo MCC multiplayer, bring those back into Halo Infinite and I will be honored to jump back on. Until these issues are fixed I will not play Halo Infinite Multiplayer sadly, but I heard your working on the progression system right now I cannot wait hope it makes me wanna get back on. Let’s make it happen 343 your about to make a halo game that reunites players once again, listen to us and our voices. As you once said it is us Halo fans that made this game happen. Prove to those who do not trust you, nor believe you, make them believe, We halo fans trust you this far keep it that way and we have high hopes in you.
Sergeant Johnson once said

“Folks needs heroes Chief, to give em hope.”

343 this is your destiny, BECOME hope for us all.


1 Display medals xp

2 Performance xp

3 Earn xp

4 Explosive projectile weapons feels nerves needs to be boosted a tiny bit.

5 Plasma weapons feels nerfed towards enemy shields

6 Vehicles doesn’t feel like you could run players over that easy.

7 In game credits by certain challenges

8 Separate, matchmaking playlists like Halo MCC.