Multiplayer Disconnecting/Restarting

Over the last few days the issue I have been experiencing has been consistent. First of all, random disconnects. I will be in a game and the game kicks me out with the Xbox popup saying I am disconnected from Live. Going back to the dashboard connects me to live like it never happened. I cannot connect to Live via the Guide button while in Halo 4 game client.

The other issue is I will be mid game then the roster pops up saying “Starting game” like the host disconnected and its trying to re-establish a new host. Sometimes the game continues though and people continue playing and getting kills. It suspiciously smells of Standbying back from the Halo 2 days!! Im sure some of the devs remember that.

I would like to note that I do not experience this problem with any other game, system, or my pc. In fact I have not had any Xbox live problems ever like this. I tried playing other games to see if its me but I do not experience the same issue.

I would hope these issues are being fixed. Hopefully someone can give an ETA on a fix. This tuesday?