Multiplayer crossplay balancing problems

There are some issues with the game balancing when it comes to console, no, i’m not some other PC player complaining about the aim assist, but i think there is a big problem with the bullet magnetism, i don’t tknow if this is intended or not, but if you play on console ALL weapons are str8 up lasers, the weapon bloom/spread is completely negated by the bullet magnetism and it shows painfully massively with the BR in ranked (also with the AR, but who cares in casual), at medium to long distances, PC players really have to track the enemy to hit all 3 shots of the BR, and sometimes they will just skip, and past medium distances you have to scope in, but on console you don’t really need to scope in at any moment in any map but Behemoth, because the magnetism makes up for the spread.

I have been a console player myself, and i’m actually in favor of aim assist, but bullet magnetism is very obnoxious when you are playing in PC, it is certainly unfair that your enemy don’t have to scope in to hit you from the other side of the map, while if you don’t scope in you will hit less than 50% of your shots, i think you get the point, the aim assist is not the problem, but it feels unrewarding that even if you keep your aim steady on your enemy you hit less shots than the other guy, just because of the distance you engage from, so, either removing it from console, or adding it to PC, at least when Crossplay queue is enabled.

As a PC player, i have no other remedy but straight up not engaging at medium distances, cause i am in a disadvantage because my bullets are not homing, and i am forced to take all my duels up close, i think the game should not force you to play differently just because of the platform you play in, please 343 adress this problem, i get it the thing is to make the experience fair for console players, but not by nerfing PC gameplay.

If that, just remove the bloom from the BR completely so PC players can also put in bursts reliably without having to scope in, just to get kicked out of it, by that, another solution, remove de-scoping.

Any of this would work better than what it does now, cause maps like Bazaar, where the game forces you to take mid range poke gunfights really feel worthless, cause the BR reticle is way too big to be accurate with it, maybe shrinking it to be tighter and more precise would help too, so i can actually see where i’m aiming at in the spartan body, cause right now you can(at mid range) fit the whole spartan torso inside the reticle, which is not good enough to aim for the head reliably, and the bloom does not help with this at all.


One solution is to just allow people to opt-out of crossplay, it’s odd that this wasn’t an included feature when the game launched.


Yeah it is a solution, and i think they will eventually do it, cause console players complain a lot, and i think it is fair for them, yet i still don’t get why people still play ranked with controllers, it is painful

if your gonna split the playerbase much better off adding in more gametypes imo, ranked slayer/swat etc. controler/KBM its here to stay time to just deal with it guys.

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I’m not arguing for it to be removed, literally a smaller crosshair for the BR would do the job for my compliaint, for example the Mangler is a delight to use in PC just because its size, same with the Commando(sadly it starts missing after the 3rd shot), same with the Stalker, the BR has this problem that prevents you to really aim at the head further than 10 meters.

Well I’m on console and I cant even feel the aim assist, maybe i have it off or low as i usually do but i cant even find the settings anymore.

But i can assure you things arent just homing or given to you as a console. I do want crossplay off though, the latency is god awful so shots dont count nor do melee hits. Not to mention the risk of hackers already lol.