Multiplayer Crashes (PC)

Hey all,

I’ve just recently started experiencing crashes when either initially loading into a match or within thirty seconds of the match starting. Has there been any workarounds to these crashes?


I am experiencing crashes with yellow pixels on competitive mode only. Has made me drop many ranks trying to load into a competitive game and getting kicked out 1 minute 15 seconds into it.

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I’m still experiencing crashes. I just tried to play a Fiesta match and I crashed at about two minutes into the match. It’d be nice if I could play multiplayer.

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I’m crashing in ranked.


It fr crashes almost every 2nd or 3rd match for me


I’ve submitted a ticket on December 03. I’m still crashing. I wasn’t able to play the event because of the constant crashing.

I am also having a lot of crashes recently.
Iam running intel CPU and AMD card if any of those have any connection to it…

Haven’t had crashes but the PC build does seem poorly optimised and very laggy.

Please fix crashing on Streets. This is greatly affecting the Arena playlist when my team is unable to complete a match without having an issue. The person who crashes affects everyone in the fireteam. Please remove Streets from competitive until the issue is resolved. If we could be provided a crash code to report back when this happens, the community could possibly help resolve this.

Tried steam and xbox app. Crashes on both. For some reason though it’s only been in ranked. I have multiple friends who are experiencing the same thing - with varying builds as well (so can’t just say it’s because of low specs). Friends have also tried xbox and steam and are getting same behavior.

If you guys are on PC, this is what worked for me:

  • Windowed mode (not borderless)
  • FPS limit 60
  • VSync off
  • Low graphics
  • Any box you can uncheck in the video settings that you don’t understand, uncheck it

Hope this helps. I haven’t crashed so far with these settings, and I was crashing so much I was unable to play starting at the Tenrai event.

The only crashes i’ve noticed on PC are crashes that kick me back to the menu.

I set the windowed mode option on Steam. Do I need to uncheck the borderless windowed option in-game?