Multiplayer Cosmetics In Campaign (Like In Mcc)

So, we grind for multiplayer cosmetics in campaign, now can we also get some of those cosmetics in campaign? not like changing the Chief, but weapon skins, emblems, and things like that for campaign, as this feels much more comfortable and sort of bridges the gap i feel between multiplayer and campaign a little.

Idk I feel like being able to choose to play as chief or your mp Spartan isn’t so bad an idea. I mean like beat the game then it’s new game plus right? Who cares if I wanna run around as a samurai on zeta it’s my world

while it is cool to think of it like that, that might be too big of a sudden change, mods are available (at your own risk, even then, they are quite buggy), could be cannon with some DLC down the line. new game plus isn’t exactly the halo formula, you find new secrets, rewards, get better, etc. using all of that in another save is new game plus. but still, cool idea nonetheless.

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I’m down for that idea

Maybe 343 could take another crack at a Spartan Ops type side mini-campaign that lets you play as your multiplayer spartan that includes cutscenes that allows you to see your custom spartan? That’d be another way for them to encourage making store purchases from people who might other wise be of the mindset “I’m not buying customization just for the 10 seconds at the start and end of matches when I actually get to see myself.”

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hmm, fair point. people might not like it though, seeing how SO failed in halo 4. people might carry their dieslike for the gamemode over to infinite.

I’m hoping this will come with co-op. I mean I don’t see Chief using anything flashy, skins etc gun is gun.

Now if they do bring it to co-op, I’d hope we’d also get campaign challenges for battlepass. Just a separate list