Multiplayer Cosmetic Unlocks in Campaign

I was looking forward to seeing what unlocks we got in the armor lockers that are scattered throughout the map. The first few I unlocked/saw guides for were all coatings, and I wanted to see what armor pieces were unlocked in the campaign. So, I googled it, and quickly found out that there aren’t any.

Really? That’s disappointing. I am really loving the campaign so far, and I enjoy the multiplayer (minus the unlock systems), but this irritated me. We couldn’t have one campaign-unlocked armor set in multiplayer? That’s a big misstep. Coatings are fine but many other halo titles have included some armor unlocked via completing campaign things, hell halo 3 had multiple sets. We couldn’t have had one?

I know this game is the platform for the next long period of halo, so I know there will be expansions of some sort in the future. You need to reward people for buying and playing the campaign, especially since you aren’t given a multiplayer experience with that purchase. Anyways these are just my thoughts. What are yours?

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Most already knew this, we found this out a week ago. The campaign is great though and I do wish they will add more cosmetics with future campaign updates and dlcs.
This campaign is suppose to keep getting add ons, who knows when and what they will be.

They have proven to listen to fans and have been trying to fix things as soon as possible. So hopefully they will when the ad-on comes.

No, it’s not disappointing, it’s BS to expect your player base to pay for all the gear in this game, period.

I’ll wait until the campaign is free. If I wanted to play destiny, I can do that anytime I want by loading up the actual game that gives you gear for just simply playing the game.