Multiplayer combat assistance

I need help.I have a less than satisfactory k/D, and only decent weapon skills. First off, I’m not asking to be MLG, just good enough to not be defeated going solo.

My strengths are AR, DMR, and CQB; I can’t use the sniper, magnum, or rocket launcher to save my life; and I’m fair at about everything else. I humbly ask for people who I can count on and can help with my skill level.

P.S. These problems are exclusive to multiplayer; firefight and campain are very easy for me.

P.P.S I am 15+ just incase you were worried about it.

I’m no good sniper either, but I can no scope if noobs stand still and try using AR’s against me. Try watching your bloom and slow your shots down at long range. This does not mean shoot 4 rounds per minute. OR, if you hate bloom, play TU beta or anniversary, bloom is zero when it says ZB slayer DMR’s. All other stuff has 85 percent bloom.

I can snipe someone if there moving slow enough, but I can’t use a magnum at all. I am trraining with the anniversary gametypes (lower bloom and full-auto pistol) and I am always destroyed when using a magnum.

what I need is a good team and/or someone who can boost my skill level and help me use a magnum.

when using the magnum unless your really close you really have to pace your shots rather slowly because the spread is huge.

Try lowering your sensitivity if you notice your reticle going all over the place. It helps when it comes to tracking your enemy and avoiding “freak-out” moments when you’re ambushed by an enemy!