As a father of three boys I will say they were heartbroken when they found out that they would not be able to play the new Halo 5 via split screen as they have on the past Halo 1-4. This is the end of a good run for this series as I am afraid we will no longer purchase any of the Halo games. This was a huge mistake by 343. FPS or not, you have alienated a huge fan base. I suggest you put a big yellow sticker on the outside of the game that says NO LOCAL MULTIPLAYER/COOP!

There is already a thread for this, and while I am also incredibly upset with the lack of split screen, it does say there is no split screen on the back of the box, under the warzone picture.

i’m sure they will know how to optimize the game properly by the time halo 6 comes out, listen i know how upset you are with no split screen. just keep your eyes open for details for halo 6.


They think it’s “easier to use LIVE for co-op and multiplayer experiences with friends”.

Or something like that.

What if you have family, or friends who don’t own an Xbox, or H5 or LIVE? and come over to splitscreen.

Oh, and the lack of LAN play too.

There’s a megathread for this kicking around somewhere.