Multiplayer Beta Feedback - My Opinions

Usually don’t go out of my way to leave any sort of feedback for games unless it involves game breaking glitches. But for Infinite I feel as though I have to, and I really really want this game to do well as I am so enjoying it.

First off the game is great, I think as a Beta launch the game modes all being together is fine as it funnels players into the same matchmaking, ironing out issues. Obviously in the future I hope it’s not like that and you an select the individual game modes.

The battlepass is good, perhaps not the best. I really hoped they followed Warzones Battle Pass where you earned back part of your investment. I feel that seeing how long it will take to complete these passes it would’ve been a good idea. I like the theme, I feel as though there could be way more customisation unlocked in them, again similar to the warzone system. That way if each level was more rewarding then the grind wouldn’t feel as empty. I think the fracture pass in terms of unlocks is more on par to what I’d like see with more weapon skins.

Customisation itself is good, but still a bit of a let down, I see where they were going with it. Personally I’d have preferred armour cores not to be a thing and grant even more customisation for the player. But as a whole it’s looks great, wasn’t a huge fan of the colour patterns initially but it’s grown on me a bit.

The store. Now I’d like to say I am someone who does do mtx’s and I have bought my fair share already. It’s far too aggressive, I think the large majority of packs are over priced and I just believe there’s too much content locked behind these packs. Now when the game launches maybe there will be loads of ways to unlock armour and weapon skins but as it stands right now, it’s a bit too much. And I feel this will really affect the game if the game launches in the state it is now. Unless you can actively earn the currency (which you may be able to, I haven’t seen it), or have challenges to unlock the armour on sale and have the store as a short cut perhaps. And maybe have a few store specific armour styles.

Other than these points, I really enjoy it. But I do definitely feel the mtx is far too aggressive and heavy handed. The fact I’m feeling it, as someone who will buy cosmetics a lot in other games, is concerning and must be being echoed across the player base.

I don’t know if 343i will read this, if they’ll read any ones feedback now, but really consider toning down the mtx and consider having a look at a few tweaks of the battlepass. Even I feel a bit overwhelmed and I bought he 25 level battle pass, the white and blue armour with the purple visor and chibi icons for blue team on day one of playing.

Despite most of this being negative I must stress I really enjoy the game, it’s great it really feels like playing Halo 3 with my friends again, keep up the good work and hopefully the issues will be looked at.