Multiplayer/Balancing will be improved!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on these forums (GTA V has engulfed me these past two months), but I see that people are getting pretty hyped up for Halo 5, even more so with the release of the Xbox One.

So i was just browsing Google News for Halo related content, and I saw this piece:

Halo 5 Multiplayer and Balancing to be Addressed and Improved, says 343i

> We still don’t know whether ‘Halo for Xbox One’ is Halo 5 proper, as it hasn’t been properly announced as such just yet, but 343 Industries is already putting the feelers out for feedback on where it went wrong with Halo 4. It all started with the developer’s Design Director, Brad Welch initiating a Twitter conversation about Halo multiplayer.
> “Halo MP is a challenging beast. Part of my love for it is the Quake arena tradition. We didn’t service this so well in Halo 4,” Welch tweeted, leading to a number of responses and exhanges.
> One fan noted that it was too easy to max Halo 4’s multiplayer progression, to which Welch replied: “Very fair point. I actually designed that system and feel bad that it tapped out. Major surgery pulled me out of H4 a bit early.” Welch then added: “There was a few moving parts there that caused that, but we’ve fed all the stuff we didn’t think went well into future plans.”
> A more visible way of conveying a player’s skill and ranking was also called for by another fan, to which Welch responded: “So visible skill is what you want, right? Tell me what your favorite skill ranking system in any game!” Halo 2 and 3 were then cited as examples. “Same basic feedback we hear a lot from H4,” Welch stated.
> Later on, Welch then addressed Halo 4’s multiplayer map packs, reviewing the balance of DLC maps. “Not great, yeah. We have to plan DLC early, so ultimately I didn’t balance internal, external & DLC maps well enough,” he said. “Plenty of decisions are on me. Big games are tough. We’ll improve next time.”
> Looking ahead to Halo 5, Welch offered some tantalising tidbits on what 343 Industries is shooting for. “Going to make whatever future 60fps, dedi server Halo we may make as awesome as possible to as many fans as possible.” And as for multiplayer? “Let’s just say our internal MP team is much bigger than Halo 4.”

I’m really excited to see how Halo 5 will turn out.

343 seems to have recognized their mistakes and will aim to make this possibly the best Halo yet. I’m glad to see them being so modest about it. It’s a good thing.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

This + the hiring of a few players from the competitive community is somewhat reassuring that they might of actually learnt from their mistakes, I’ll still be skeptical till we actually see the game though.
More importantly, it’s nice to finally see someone from 343i more or less admit they -Yoinked!- up in regards to the competitive side of the game and that they’re aware of the feedback, better late then never.

i have the completely same mindset sketchybr, though i’m a mix of sketchy and excied.

This is quite reassuring! Now all they need to do is admit that they messed up big time with Custom Games, Forge, and Theatre. :wink:

I’m hoping that after Mr. Welch tweets mentioned above, the community will be more inclined to be more hopeful for the future of Halo, and that 343i is listening, and wants to listen to us.
Granted most of what was touched in that quote, I don’t care all that much for, but it does give me some hope for the next Halo game being a lot more popular, and less of a fan -Yoink- and whine fest like Halo 4 and Reach was.

Plus the sure fact that HE alone is talking to the community, and saying “We are going to do better”, is the shining moment that says “we’re listening to you, we screwed up, and we want to earn your trust back.”

Well this brought my faith in 343i a bit higher than it was before. It’s good to see that they can admit that Halo 4’s multiplayer was rather poor. It can’t be easy for any person to admit that they failed and disappointed a lot of people, so I can at least give a lot of respect to Brian Welch for doing that.

I gotta hand it to 343i. As much as they messed up with Halo 4, they’re still doing a good job at listening to the fans and trying to improve as best as they can.

I just read this and was about to post it on here, lol

I’m glad there owning up on some things but to me making H5 great is SO simple it’s not funny. If you read posts on here and lots of other sites, I’d say 85% of people say similar stuff. It’s always a long the lines of go back to the core arena style of H2 and or H3 and don’t make it like a COD game.

There you go 343 you have a template to go by. The majority of fans have told you what they want. I truly hope H5 is a fun, competitive, Gorgeous looking and sounding game. I’d hate to think of what will happen to Halo if it isn’t…

Good Luck!

I’m going to risk a ban here but…I literally just -Yoink- everywhere.

On a serious note, I hope they don’t just take halo 5 back to halo 3. While halo 3 is my favorite halo, I played it for so long, playing it again wouldn’t feel original or fresh. I hope they finally get the balance between new and old while retaining that halo feel they have striven for all along. The challenge the next halo brings needs to be upped as well, so I don’t leave early due to lack there of.

And for the op, you should change the title. Right now it looks like an optimistic thread about just believing. I think a more appropriate title would be “343 responds on twitter”, or “343 admits on twitter they failed”. I don’t think the latter, but most on here do, and that will intrigue them more.

It was refreshing to see that he’s willing to take responsibility for some of the things that went wrong with Halo 4. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that kind of interaction in the future, no matter how small, and nothing official. How that will translate into future Halo games is still whole another matter which I’m still as doubtful about.

> It was refreshing to see that he’s willing to take responsibility for some of the things that went wrong with Halo 4.

Taking responsibility yes, but that doesn’t mean what happened in Halo 4 is going to happen in the next game. A smart man learns from his mistakes.