Multiplayer and UI Feedback

  1. Please fix the text chat. It doesn’t auto scroll on the Steam version unless I initially open it up and scroll down myself. Can’t speak for other platforms

  2. Let me use the D-pad or the Move Stick to switch the player I’m spectating while I wait to respawn. I keep throwing grenades or using my Equipment by accident upon spawning because I hit Left or Right Bumper as I spawn. Or maybe add like X milliseconds of input delay after spawning, idk

  3. Can you prioritize Fireteams when forming Squads in BTB? It sucks getting squadded with randoms when I’ve already got a 4-man or more

  4. Bring the old Emblem customization back. I’ll tolerate your reasons for the armor coating/colors/etc., but the lack of emblem customization is lame. I’ve been very attached to the emblem I made across all Halos

  5. Don’t interrupt the Matchmaking countdown when I go to check challenges or peek at the last match carnage report. Having to sit there for three seconds is too much for the attention span of my friends. And myself lol

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I agree with all of this. I don’t use a controller but that sounds like no one tested that.