Multiplayer and customization feedback

Hello everyone, I have been playing halo since Combat Evolved launched. This franchise has been nothing less than the greatest impact on my personality and interests.

That being said I have a few opinions on the current state of Halo Infinite. I absolutely LOVE the multiplayer, it runs so smooth and everything feels solid to me. The amount of options given to tweak controller and UI are a great thing to see too. The level design is phenomenal overall, it brings me great joy playing. Honestly this is the most fun I’ve had on Halo since Reach!

Which brings me to progression and customization… I am not pleased when I work hard during a match and try to win but am left unrewarded when I do not meet challenge requirements. What I’m getting at is why can’t we have a level system similar to Reach? It doesn’t have to work exactly as it did, but damn it would be fulfilling to actually rank up and earn some respect. Do you know what it was like running into an Inheritor rank or someone with Haunted Helmet? It hit different. Please add or fix current progression system. Good performance and victories should be rewarded and recognized.

Ranked is fine so far no complaints really.

Customization is cool but limited by paywall, which to me isn’t the biggest issue. The big issue is no one can mix and match anything. Please fix this, being unique is part of Halo.

These are my humble opinions and felt need to voice. I respect everyone at 343 and look forward to their continued player first initiative and community mindset. Thanks.