Multiplayer Advice

I need help in the Halo 5 beta multiplayer. I could use some advice for the new slayer maps and for breakout. I would like to know tactics, power positions, important weapon spawns, skill jumps, and what weapons to use and where. I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance.

Thruster is love, thruster is life.

For Breakout, definately play it slow. Don’t rush in.

In general the best thing you can do is stick close to team-mates. (the good ones, anyways.)

Pay attention to your Radar. ARs and SMGs are good at 10-15 meters. BRs are good at 16-25 meters. dmrs are best at 26+ meters. Pay attention to what your fighting with and how far away the enemy is and you’ll keep a weapon advantage.

Swap ARs for SMGs. Swap pistol for for BR or DMR. Follow radar rules described in previous paragraph.

Jeff means it when he said “Control Power Weapons”.

Listen to Spartan chatter and learn what locations are what the spartans are referring to.

Stick to your team.

Throw Plasma Grenades at power weapons if you can’t get them. If you can’t have it, don’t let the enemy team have it either.

That’s it.