Multi team

This is my first post so you know. Right, i jumped on halo 3 the other day and started playing some multi team, loved it. Next day i put in reach and it is not even close to being as good their are too many people in the reach one i got spawn killed loads and it was not an overly enjoyable experience. what they should do is make it like halo 3 again where it is four teams of two not four teams of three. I may be the only one who thinks this but i would much prefer this and it is maybe something that could be changed in a TU just a thought.

Multi Team needs to be : 2 in team and 4 to 6 teams

Six teams of two is too much, the sweet spot is 4 teams of.

Thats how it works on halo 3 so im sure it will work just as well on reach, six teams is too crazy (yes that is possible!)

It used to be only two per team then they switched it. I like it a lot more with three people on a team.

So you are saying the teams of two will help with spawn killing? I haven’t played much H3, and definitely no multiteam. In fact with Reach, I tend to stay clear of it. I do want to get the full experience though, meaning H3 and Reach, in all playlists. There’s just not enough time though.