Multi team swat = spawn kill central

remove it 343, leave swat to the swat playlist

I HATE Multi-Team Swat, especially on Ragnorok.

> I HATE Multi-Team Swat, especially on Ragnorok.

i swear i got spawn killed like 11 times

I spawn killed both red team members, only to be shot from behind two seconds later by the same guy I just killed because he spawned behind me with his reticule half a cm from my head. Karmas a -Yoink-.

I agree this a terrible gametype to have in multi-team. Its like having a FFA swat gametype.

> I HATE Multi-Team Swat, especially on Ragnarok.

SWAT on Ragnarok? Why would anything think that was a good idea? Abandon’s really bad too! It’s really uneven and not fun at all. Multi-Team really shouldn’t have SWAT in it.

Just one example, I actually got an overkill because one team kept spawning in the same place before I could even move. That really shouldn’t happen.

I agree, SWAT gametype belongs in only one playlist: SWAT.

I can’t stand SWAT mainly cause I don’t have a head set to be op. I can’t tell where shots are coming from or hear foot steps but people that have can and I’m dead before I even see the enemy and from the kill cam I see that they where traveling away from me but diverted their attention as I drew near.