Multi-Team Spartan Overlay

What do you think 343 could do for multi-team games and the Spartan Overlay? I know they could just keep it all the same colour, but sometimes it’s best knowing two teams are going to fight eachother and you can just mop up. Or maybe you’re playing a game where one team is in the lead and you need to quickly stop that specific team? Think Rocket Race and you need to concentrate on the leading team not getting the win.
Sidenote on the overlay, I know they did this so people can express themselves more, but I can’t really see it when red goo is over the entire player, especially when the shields are about to pop.

Since we now have ‘Eagle’ and ‘Cobra’ and we have the option for HUD colors for “our” team and the “enemy” team.
Does this mean 3+ teams in customs are completely gone?

Could be. But that takes away from quite a few ideas for game types and modes in custom sadly. Unless this is just for the Tech Tests and in the final game there be say 8 team colours?