Multi-Team in Warzone

I think it would be awesome to have Multi-Team in Warzone plus the AI.
4- Red
4- Blue
4- Green
4- Yellow
4- Purple
4- Orange

“A mix of games for more than two teams. Like Free For All, but with a partner to work with.”

I think it would add even more fun to the gametype!

I think it’s best to keep it to two teams probably. Having six teams, it would make the REQ system a lot more exploitable. Think of it, if “orange team” gets two phaetons or mantises, they could go on a murder spree the likes of which has never been seen because there would be no chance of the other teams combining to kill the mutual enemy.

would be so cool!

The Chaos would be so much fun in multiteam, I would just revel in it.

This is a very good idea, actually!

It would be fun and a good laugh I think let the chaos ensue.