Multi-Team in Infinite?

Will Multi-team game mode even be possible in Halo Infinite? I hope so but I can’t see how it would be implemented effectively. Halo Reach Multi-team crazy king is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in Halo and it’s ashame it won’t be returning. I enjoyed the unpredictability and chaotic nature of having a lot of teams struggling for objective. What do yall think, any hope?

Update: Forgot to elaborate on WHY I’m concerned Multi-team might not return. With outlines instead of team colors, different teams would be very difficult to differentiate. Especially since outline color is customizable.

It would be really nice if it came back in Infinite. Hold on, something has just occurred to me. The Big Team Battle count is 12vs12 now, right? Meaning the total number of players that can be in a match in Infinite is 24? Ha! If that is the case, it would actually be a real missed opportunity if Multi-Team isn’t brought back, as it can now be bigger than it’s ever been in Infinite!

Multi-team could be awesome with the new big team maps. You could have 6 teams of 4, 8 teams of 3, or 12 teams of 2. Imagine rocket races with 12 teams, incredible, the chaos would be insane, and just thinking about it makes me want it.

We’ve had some posts in social gaming threads… nothing breaks the game open more than 5v5 or 3v3v3 (on a normal 4v4 map).

It adds chaos and minimises map control… so the game is less ‘sweaty’.

For BTB I would love to see combinations of 8, 6, 4, 3, and 2 player teams.

I’m up for more!

Multi-team is such a fun way to play, total chaos.

Always glad to see another multi team post! With friends we still play custom multi team oddball on Halo 2 lockout (3 teams of 2 with 2 oddballs ^_^).
Really hoping it will either be a rotational or staple playlist for infinite and already looking forward to creating my own custom modes with it.

Multi-team should return in my opinion. The gametype is uniqe, fun, and far superior to what we have seen with the Triple Team Playlist in Halo 5. I am referring to the Halo 3 version of multi-team as the best, however the Halo Reach version was fun as well. They were a mixture of slayer and objective game modes as opposed to Triple Team which was only Slayer.

BLUF: I hope to see a Halo 3 style Multi-team game mode in Halo: Infinite. This would excite older fans and introduce newer fans to one of the most fun game modes (in my humble opinion) of Halo’s Past.

Yup, love the unpredictable chaos of Big Team and multi-team and throw an objective game like crazy king and what you get is a Thanksgiving plate where you just mix the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and scoop it up with a dinner roll! That’s how I HayRoll.

I don’t see why its return wouldn’t be possible. Everyone loves a little unpredictability now and again in competitions so I’m sure it will be in the game.

I would go as far as pushing for nearly all social playlists to be multi-team…

I so want this gamemode back. Even if its just a social playlist, the chaos was so much fun in Halo Reach.

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> I so want this gamemode back. Even if its just a social playlist, the chaos was so much fun in Halo Reach.

Yep. It’s the chaos that makes it.

Three teams of three is only one more player on the map (compared to four v four)… but when you are on the ground it’s essentially three vs six.

You are outnumbered 2:1. There is always someone to shoot at… and/or shooting at you.

And any sweaty dreams of map control are out the door. All you can do is grab a gun and be heroic.

We just need some maps with curated spawn points…