Multi-player Settings/Trick to get full party

I am starting to get upset about this (as are several people I am sure), but is there a setting or way I can make sure just to join new games? I played 15 games today and lost everyone because of one of these reasons:

  1. I join a game where the scores are so one sided it is impossible to catch up.

  2. People leave and the game starts with my team out numbered and never get new team mates until the other team has almost won.

I understand this is partly horrible luck that it is was always my team that is out numbered or that I join crappy games but just the fact that could happen is really irritating.

Also, just for curiosity, does anyone else think the leveling system is stupid? I am not amazing at halo but I am pretty good. I am usually the 1st or second top scorer on my teams. I am getting average of 400-500 points during the game but even losing a game I get 1500-1600 points at the end. So it would appear it won’t depend on how good you do, just how much you can play. Unless the score is dependent on something I am not seeing, someone who plays like crap and only gets 100 points will still level faster than me as long as they play 3 games for every 2 I play.