Multi-player For All!

Slowly, more and more games are coming with codes that allow the gamer that bought the game to play online but it only allows gamers to play online on the account it was activated on. This means that if you were to lend a friend the game they could not play online unless they brought another online pass from the Marketplace. I unfortunately discovered that this was the case with Battlefield 3 when I wanted to restart my Multi-player experience on a new account. This is absolutely ridiculous after I payed $110 for the game.

So I urge 343i to not include anything such as this in Halo 4 because not only will you lose my respect but that of many others.

I can agree, to an extent, with having an online pass for each console, but for each account is borderline fraud.

if its a game i really want to play i just buy it new problem solved

> if its a game i really want to play i just buy it new problem solved

New games come with the online pass. Thus all the difficulties it creates too.

I agree online passes are a terrible idea what if you buy a game pre owned, you cant access online games.

If Halo 4 has an online pass, they aren’t getting my money. And I have bought Halo games as long as I can remember.

If 343 and Microsoft stoop to that level of sleaze…They can kiss my money goodbye.

They won’t do it… To my knowledge EA is the only company currently doing to online passes. And whoever makes the new MK game… I haven’t seen a single -Yoink!- game go with the online pass.