Mulitplayer needs a search function.

The thing i am most frustrated about currently is just how bad the UI is for players. Why is there no option to search or even just select game modes? If i want to only play oddball or CTF, i have to hope i get given it.

This problem is made worse when the majority of challenges are game mode specific challenges but there is no easy way of getting to the specific gamw mode. This week one of my challenges was “complete a strongholds match 2”. It took 2 and a half days and 3 bans to complete this. A challenge which has no effort about. Now yes i could use a challenge swap but the point is i shouldn’t have to waste a challenge swap on something that should only take 20 mins at most. Especially when i like tp save the challenge swaps for the more tedious ones like kill 50 spartans or get 10,000 score.

When also combined with the fact that there is no progression system outside of the battle pass and the entire game is challenge based progression there is zero point in me staying in the other game modes and thus you get banned for leaving to often. Because all i would get is 50EXP no more no less. It doesn’t matter if my team wins or loses if i am the best player in that game or the worst its still only going to be 50EXP which is not worth the time wasted. Now if there was a performance based EXP system the rewards and incentifys players to do well in games than there would be more reason to stay in those matches.


We really need a server block option.

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