One of the things I never liked was when people would quit in a game and leave the team at a disadvantage. I wish that Halo 4 would incorporate a sort of matchmaking like Call of Duty and Battlefield where if one person quits, another person would join in the game. It would make the matchmaking experiencing much more fun, and not having me to always avoid players that quit the damn game and having that one team at a disadvantage, mostly at Objective game types. Banning the players from quitting too much is not the way to go since I know that some players have better things to do. I just want to play Halo that knowing that if someone quits the game, I know that someone who’s waiting to play the game would be able to join in and make the game fair. Quitters suck.

I don’t want to join a game and find out we’re 10 points down and losing. I think this is a bad idea. You are on your way to lose already, and 1 person will not change this. That is why the first guy quit anyway.

NO. next youre gonna want aiming down the sights. that would just take away even more competition than reach did

I don’t want to get banned for an hour cause of someone else’s bad connection that kicked me. Please 343 listen to my pleas…

Do not want.

Just make, Matchmaking and have it like it is, then make a Custom Game finder

Please, don’t incorporate that kind of system.

Instead, just bring back the old EXP system from Halo 3. That worked quite well in encouraging players to stay.

Drop in/drop out social matches <Already have a thread about this, check it out.