Mud Hog Wild $10 bundle is low effort

If you haven’t seen it already, it’s probably one of the lowest effort bundles I’ve seen. 343, would it kill you to take 2 seconds to drop a mud texture into the Coating? I know you can use textures, there are plenty of Coatings with textures already in them. It’s not mud brown, it’s rust brown, but it doesn’t have a rust texture either, it’s literally just brown. To make it worse, the mud flaps don’t even flap. You’re selling me brown and flapless flaps for $10? Come on. The flaps on the Scorpion flap. Try harder. You don’t deserve my $10 for this lazy bundle. I have 4 friends that would have bought this if you did a slightly better job.

The Hatsune Miku Grunt and Eagle bundle is nice though. Good work on that. Make more content like those. I’ll buy stuff like that.


The Mudflaps not being able to flap like the tank broke the deal for me on that bundle.

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