Much Needed Changes

EDIT: added in Sentinel Scope, REQ Sorting and Armor Variation
EDIT 2: Added in New Weapon Attachment REQ

1) Teammate knock back for the Spartan Charge
This should absolutely never have been included. From knocking people out of REQ Stations, knocking people off ledges, to just plain -Yoink!- people off by repeatedly hitting them with it.

Almost every game I play, some idiot feels the need to spend 5 mins charging into me repeatedly, doesn’t matter if we’re under attack, or I’m busy trying to kill someone. Just get rid of the knock back and I’m sure they’ll give up on it, or at the very least, we can better ignore them now they’re not affecting us.

2) Splattering teammates
Self explanatory, just get rid of it, it serves no purpose. Keep the push back, sure, but remove the damage aspect.

3) Boarding (particularly tanks)
Can’t count how many times the enemy has stopped and reversed less than foot just to kill me by going 2mph, or I’ve successfully managed to land on top of them, but because they moved forward an inch I die (particularly with the Scorpion, due to the large space at the front, the Wraith, at least, I can understand better why if you tried to land on that while it’s moving you’d die), yet the enemy can do both of those things no problem when it comes to boarding me.

I agree that vehicles should absolutely be able to be death machines for the enemy, but they definitely need to be able to be countered a bit better, or at least with better consistency.

4) Better UI in matches
If we control the base, I want to be able to see if it’s being captured when I’m at the other side of the map, or sometimes just even while in the middle. It seems to be so frustrating needing to be so near a base just to know if it’s being captured. (EDIT: mentioned below by Danger Dotty that stealth captures are definitely a good reason for this. As something I do a lot, I can agree with that, and feel this particularly may not be needed. The paragraph after this one however…)

Now, idk if it’s just people being idiots, but I swear some teammates actually have no idea a base is being captured when they’re right beside it, the amount of times they run right past it. So maybe have something to give people better notice, like, idk an alarm sound or something when you’re near the base (just an idea, may not actually be good, other ideas welcome).

5) REQ Station interface
Better sorting, especially for loadout weapons, I think it would be best if they were sorted by a) weapon (like they are now) AND b) the scope they use and c) if they were in a grid instead of just a single row.

6) Sentinel Scope
The ungodly glare on this thing when it has even the slightest bit of bright light or background. Seems usable in Noctus (only place I’ll use it) but pretty much useless on Stormbreak. Yes, have some kind of drawback for it, but that drawback shouldn’t be that it’s useless.

7) REQ Sorting
Particularly the Helmets, Armor and Emblems, there are so many of them and it would be nice to have an option to sort them via name or rarity, not just by when you unlocked them. This might be me personally, but I would like for it put me at the equipped item in the list when I go into the menu, not always just at the start of the list.

8) Vehicles (doubt this will happen, but I can dream)
Instead of having REQ Fillers, change the Human Vehicles to Normal, Advanced (or Armored, since they only have better armor) and ONI , and then just have skins for the them (could leave the Normal and ONI as is, because they’d be like classic(Normal) and I rather like the way ONI vehicles look), that way people can choose what they like (can even then do the same for other vehicles if they add more of them).

Also, maybe let us sit in the back of the Scout Hog, perhaps just one or two people. I just feel it’s kinda silly having that space in the back and nothing can be done with it. It’d balance out a fair bit I think because of the vulnerability of the people sitting there, kinda like the Mongoose driver/passenger.

9) Armor Variation
Different armors should be unique, things like Soldier and Scanner being exactly the same, and Deadeye and FOTUS also being the same, just screams lazy and needs to change.

10) New Weapon Attachment REQs

I like the new attachments, I really do, but they should be on more than just base weapons. A lot of guns have different scopes and whatnot, why should I have to use a scope I don’t like to use an attachment I do like? I’m sure they’ll be coming in later, but why aren’t they here now, in the update they’re introduced in?

agree with almost all of these. I think the UI problem you mention with maps is done on purpose so attackers can stealth cap while the enemy team is busy. There’s a line in the middle of the map where you can see either armory. But yeah these are spot on.

> 2533274905624999;2:
> agree with almost all of these. I think the UI problem you mention with maps is done on purpose so attackers can stealth cap while the enemy team is busy. There’s a line in the middle of the map where you can see either armory. But yeah these are spot on.

Yeah, I can understand that, I suppose that makes more sense. Especially on Stormbreak, I’ve noticed if you stand on the very top of the armory, when you’re up the stairs (not the ramp) you can see the icon for the other armory. So I know it’s possible for them to be able to show you. But the stealth thing definitely makes more sense.