MSG for Free Agents looking 4 Company. Click Here.

Yo What up Free Agents!

We are now recruiting Warzone Players & Firefight Players to our company on HaloWaypoint. If you need a Company of members to play Warzone or Firefight with apply to Slayers of Sweaties <----Click Link…

We are a company that games Warzone & firefight Playlist just about everyday. Need friends to play with??? Want to Win???
-We ask that you have a mic
-Any Spartan Rank we will accept.
-You Got to be able to slay

Also send me a message to my Gamer tag on XBL: HUAK HULK
I will get you added to our Spartan Company
I check waypoint on a daily basis so you will get in as soon as you apply. You will get added within same day you apply

We are making progress towards (Achilles Armor Chest) if you haven’t gotten it yet don’t miss out now is the time to join before we get it… (Just looking out for ones that don’t have it yet) If you don’t want to join and just want to game just add me on XBL but I prefer you to join as when I game I prefer company members before any others. no hard feelings…

Hope to hear from you Free Agents…