MP general feedback

(This is my first time posting on this forum, so please tell me if I’m posting improperly and I will fix it!)
(–And Please keep in mind that this is the view of someone who did not grow up with Halo games.)

-I’ve really enjoyed my Halo Infinite multiplayer experience so far, so I’d like to give feedback on this part of the game. First off, I’m actually really happy that 343 used a free to play and optional Battle Pass model for MP instead of keeping it and the Campaign in the same product. It let me dive into the game and determine if I wanted to pay for it before actually doing so, and I’m happy to say that I did. I would have a problem with this monetization if it was layered on top of an existing price, or if Battle Passes expired, forcing you to play even if you aren’t really feeling it. The cosmetics and skins are nested properly between too much and too little deviation from the game’s aesthetic, in my opinion.

-The FEELING of just moving around as a spartan an empty custom game is extremely polished. I found myself noticing that footsteps while running felt weighty and punchy, but I didn’t realize why until I noticed an extremely small screenshake in rhythm with your run (only a couple pixels off from dead center). The viewmodel animations show urgency even in the slowest reload animations, which makes reloading an M1SPNKR for 4 seconds straight actually feel like it’s going somewhere and not get frustrating. The UI sound effect that plays upon a kill is the most satisfying anything to ever exist ever at all. That one sound enhances the experience a lot.

-At first I was considerably frustrated at how deaths are very quick and respawn timers exist in this, but I got over it in a couple hours of playing. (I’m used to DOOM Eternal and other singleplayer game’s large healthbars.)

-The matchmaking, while lightning quick, is either perfect and results in extremely tense and exciting tug-of-wars between objectives, or isn’t good and fails to make me question the outcome of a match for its entire duration. Sometimes I’ll end a match feeling exhilarated, but this only happens around 2/3 of the time. This doesn’t prevent me from having decent fun, though.

-The weapon balance rarely makes deaths feel completely unfair despite lives lasting for relatively little time, and the power of them keeps the game fast-paced. However, there are a fair few weapons I never find myself using. The plasma pistol’s mechanic of a charged shot doesn’t mix well with my playstyle at all, for instance. Great variety in visuals, audio and gameplay, but a handful aren’t worth picking up a lot of the time.

-The equipment in this game is very fun and satisfying to use. The grappling hook was my favorite at first because of the mobility. But, I saw a video of a hidden mechanic that lets how pseudo rocket-jump with the repulsor, and now that’s my favorite way to startle opponents while flinging myself like an insane person. At first, I only really liked the grapple hook, but now that I’ve sunk 52 hours and counting into the game, I’ve gained an appreciation for all of the equipment.

Thanks for making this game, I’ll be getting the campaign as soon as my boyfriend and I finish up Halo 3. ( yes im bi, cry about it :sunglasses: )