MP/Battle Pass thoughts

Sooooo…I’ve finally finished the Battle Pass for this season, with over 100 days left in the season, and I’m now wondering “What now?”. There is no incentive to continue playing MP when the playlists are so small, the map roster is pitiful, and the BTB isn’t even working properly. I love Halo but this launch is painful, not as bad as COD or BF 2042…but dang if the MP isn’t as good as it can be. SWAT has too long of a respawn timer, 8 seconds!!! players will be on the other side of the map waiting on you way before that. With sprint now a true factor you need to make medium size maps to mitigate that issue. The customization is painfully bare, just get rid of the freaking core system, the MK. VII core has next to nothing in the pass, you have a massive library of armors to put in there, heck start making competitions for players to get their ideas in there. The shader system is also trash, just have us unlock color schemes and allow us to use them in the color systems of old, make us actually unique spartans, not clones of each other because the armor pool is so limited. I get that these things can’t be fixed with a snap of fingers…but people are either done or getting close to do with the pass and you’ll likely see a large number drop off to other games real soon because there is nothing new or cool to do.