Moving Theater Films To a New Xbox

Hey guys, I just bought another 360 (XBone is too expensive right now and doesn’t have any games I care about until Destiny releases, which is still going to be on 360).

I have a ton of saved clips I’m planning on recording via my Elgato, but how do I transfer them from my current Xbox to the new one? I have a spare USB, and dropping out the HDD in the current one isn’t an option.

Hopefully someone can weigh in here and point me in the right direction.

Transfer them to your Xbox LIVE Cloud Storage and then transfer them back on the new console.

You can also use a USB drive.

That’d be a lot more practical, but in either case don’t I need to know where the files are stored locally so I’d be able to move them? That’s my main problem right now.

Theater files are right there in your Xbox 360’s Storage menu along with all of your other game data. Just go to Storage, select your Xbox 360’s hard drive, select Halo 4, and you’ll see all of your map packs, gametypes, screenshots, and theater files.

How to move files from your Xbox 360