Moving Spartan Assault to another account?

I had already made this post in the Spartan Assault section.

> Hello there,
> Now, I understand this could be an issue to be raised with Microsoft support, but I was wondering if any help could be offered here.
> I recently purchased Halo: SA on my Win 8 PC, and I was wondering if there is any possible way (be it swap the purchase to another account or some other black magic) to play the game on my Windows Phone 8 as my phone uses a different Microsoft Account. If I could I would simply change the account my Phone uses, but there isn’t an apparent way to do that.
> Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
> _Simian (Looking to change my Gamertag once I have a solution)

I have already been told to reset my phone to change account. I am reluctant to do this right now as I’m in the Developer Preview for Windows Phone 8.1. I am concerned in case there may be adverse affects to resetting my phone in this state so that is currently not an option.

Hi LocoRat47750,

This sounds like an issue with your Windows Phone and thus is out of our scope. We recommend reaching out to Windows Phone support here: