Movie/TV/anime crossovers

As well as playing halo I play call of duty and in the past 3 season on vanguard they 2 attack on titan bundles a Godzilla mecha-Godzilla and King Kong bundles in Cold War they released judge dreed Rambo and die hard bundles
I thank it would be cool if halo did the same
EX: Star Wars lightsaber colors for energy swords I would love a black energy sword and the armors of the clones stormtroopers and mandalorions
Star Trek the Klingon weapons
Gundam there are tons of different model suits in Gundam the armor combos are endless
Let me know your favorite franchise you would like to see

If I ever see anything anime related in Halo I quit forever. That would be embarrassing for the game


Halo already has inspirations from anime. The last game Bungie worked on before Halo was Oni, an entirely anime-themed spy game.

Cortana was strongly inspired by the anime AI waifu. Sangheili as a species inspired by Samurai, but particularly the romanticized portrayal of samurai commonly seen in anime.

To flip the script, Halo Legends is literally a collection of Halo anime shorts. It’s anime inspired by Halo. And it worked really well for some of it’s stories, especially The Duel and The Prototype.

And if you think cat-ear armor is anything but anime inspired, I’d hate to break it to you.

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My personal favorite from legends is the one with 1337 it was made by the people who did dragon ball Z/GT/Super

I love it too. That’s an example of a non-canon story done right.

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Please no.

I use to love The Simpsons because it was unique and creative. The occasional special guests were cool, but now every episode is a rehashed story with characters who are nothing like their former self, or guests who are completely out of place and there to only draw up rating.

Fortnite was phenomenal for the same reason, but has now become The Simpsons of video games. I am sick of seeing Xenomorphs using human weapons and hearing some child doing some dumb song and dance from the rapper of the week.

Halo had a unique identity and it should be proud of, but you can see the drastic drop in popularity when 343 Incompetencies took over, literally hired people who hated Halo, and charged everything about it. I barely want to play MCC anymore because of how bad some the garbage is they added.

“wElL tOgGlE iT oFf.” I am not opposed to updating or adding content to an old game, but there is a complete difference between the ODST, Orion, or SPI armor, and whatever Call of “Halo” 4-esque or non-Mjolnir armor was added. Hell, I though Hayabusa was weird in Halo 3, but at least Bungie put some effort into making it look like a Spartan’s Mjolnir armor, whereas 343 Incompetencies didn’t bother doing that much with the most resent MCC season. The only solution I can see is having several armor cores, one for cannon armor, and another for everything else added, where the core selected depends on the situation.

It is possible to do crossovers tastefully, but unfortunately I do not see that happening with the current leadership.