Movement, Verticality, and Radar

With the introduction of Sprint as a base mechanic, and Thrusters and Grappleshot as Equipment, why has the Radar been nerfed? I am aware of Halo 5 having the same reduced range from 25 to 18, however Quick Play matches play much more differently from Unranked matches in previous titles. People in Halo 5 complained about Unranked being sweaty, and now people are still complaining about Unranked being sweaty, despite the base mechanics and gameplay loop being as close to the original games as possible.

The gameplay is faster and familiar, yet Radar has been nerfed. I can only assume that it was nerfed to even the playing field between “casual” players who do not look at the Radar and “veterans” who regularly look at the Radar. Taking vital information away from those less skilled hurts more than taking that same information away from more skilled players.

Also, verticality still appears to be missing from the radar icons, which hurts players who are hard-of-hearing and can’t hear if someone is above or below them.

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Here’s my take. Let’s imagine we are on Bazzar. We’re both on the upper part but I’m on the left side next to the pillars and you’re on the right side next to the pillars. The radar doesn’t reach us. We can’t use the radar to see that someone is there. I think that this PLUS sprinting giving players a smaller speed boost was done so that maps wouldn’t get stretched out. Long maps and very dangerously open spaces were used a lot in Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

That comes down to the map design. This argument isn’t airtight because the solution to that problem could also be to pepper the area with more cover. Still, when a player sees an enemy on their radar it can act like a magnet. Two people who want to kill each other spot each other so they move towards each other. By reducing the radar range without spreading out the map it’s possible to make more CQC environments. Players can get closer to each other without the other player noticing. This has greatly affected fights that are on the same level and in wide open areas, but I think it makes fights in buildings and around rocks better.

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I agree with the verticality thing. Were the icons that showed when enemies are either above or below you really that bad? I thought it was a nice perk.

I’m pretty sure the vertical icon is still there, it’s just a glow (or a lack of glow?) around the radar symbol. It’s subtle and I think a player being above you or below you gives the same effect, which I honestly like a lot because it will make multi-story buildings more chaotic.

I’m confused by this.

For me, I see circles if they are on the same level, and diamonds if they are not.

Some of the Halo games had it to where you could identify whether players were on the same level, above, or below you. They had a different icons for all three.

Honestly I just wish the radar was in the top corner rather than bottom

Yea, UI customization would be a nice feature down the road.