Movement Inertia Is Too Low

There is little to no delay in changing directions in Infinite, unlike previous Halo titles. Enemy players and Spartan-level bots can change directions and slip out of the cross-hairs the instant they take a hit, essentially giving the aiming player no opportunity to compensate. This is probably why aiming seems so difficult, especially for controller players, when compared with past Halo multiplayer. It seems the only way to be useful in a match is to be a MnK player who plays with low DPI and moves the mouse with their entire arm. I don’t like that the fundamental game mechanics seem designed to exclude all controller players, as well MnK players like myself who don’t want arm cramps.


It’s definitely one of the issues that I’ve noticed especially if you’re up close. I’ll go to back smack someone and then they instantly move like 3 feet and I’m trying to figure out which direction they went.


Agree. The strafe speed has no inertia, gunfights are sometimes too hectic. In some cases it’s lower the value for right decision making in movement.

This Problem is probably one of the bigger resaons a lot of people feels the aiming is not right (wich has other problems too) .

I hope 343i will add some inertia in the strafe speed movement, it will make the gameplay more enjoyable for the players.


think of it like this. do boxers complain they cant throw punches fast enough at their moving targets? no, they just learn to predict their opponents movements and aim ahead of time.

But their targets are limited by the laws of physics. These spartans are not.


The key difference is that boxers have to obey the laws of physics, making them actually predictable. Halo Infinite Spartans seem to have been excused from the effects of my inertia, and my primitive brain hasn’t quite mastered precognition.


actually boxers can move their head just as fast as strafing in infinite

its about getting in your opponents head, making him make moves and reading patterns ahead of time.

Also if you were landing every shot, then battles becomes boring.

People didn’t hit every shot in past Halos with a slower strafe speed.

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thats because jump always existed. fast strafing just adds to its effectiveness

you didn’t need to jump to out shoot someone although some people incorporated it into their strafe.

Actually, they can’t (boxer, ex-fighter, and engineer here… aka I know physics). The only limitation of Spartan speed right now is how fast you can move your finger. Which means KBM players have a massive advantage in their movement.

I want you to do an experiment. Move your thumb from side to side as fast as you can. Now tap your pointer and ring finger on the table, alternating, as fast as you can. Now move your head from side to side as fast as you can.

The weight of the head, combined with the distance it needs to travel to reach its endpoints, makes it by far the slowest of the three. It has inertia aka momentum, which has to be slowed, stopped, and reversed. As it is the heaviest, this takes the most effort to accomplish.

Now try moving your whole body left and right as fast as you can. It’s a lot longer. Now imagine you were carrying a metric ton of armor.

Spartans, strong as they are, are subject to the laws of physics. Except in this game. They move as fast as your finger… and phase through each other.

Good boxers CAN effectively predict where you’re going to punch (or move your head) because you are limited by the laws of physics, and they do a lot of things like read patterns and adjust. One match of boxing also lasts for minutes at a time to accumulate that data, whereas an engagement in Halo lasts, maybe a couple seconds IF you don’t get teamshot.

When someone rapidly strafes left and right, it introduces one of two options. You can try to match their strafe or you can try to follow them. The latter is effectively impossible without good aim assist (see: Halo Infinite) . The former takes too long to match up before the engagement is over and one of you is dead, due to the fact that you have to read their movement, learn to predict them, and adjust all in that timeframe.

If you could read their movement without needing to predict - which every previous Halo has had - engagements become more about out-SKILLing your opponent and less about out-LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTing your opponent.


it was much easier though. kills came down to shooting first or a smartly placed grenades most of the time, strafing was not really important. I didnt play halo before 3 but all halo i did play, strafing was not very influential in a fight. missing shots tended to happen from hit and hope shots from long distances.

Solid points. I was typing up a similar response, but yours is better.

This just supports the original point, though. In previous Halo’s you got hits and kills by genuinely outmaneuvering and outplaying the opponent, not out-ADADAD-ing them.

KBM does not have an advantage when it comes to movement. When you press a movement key there is a delay to reach max acceleration. On controller (especially if you set max input to 15) you can max out your stick in the opposite direction which will immediately max out your movement speed. Also with no walk button like in CSGO and other shooters PC players can’t walk to stay off radar or make micro corrections to help with aim using movement. With the max input set to 15 you also only need to go half way towards the direction you want to move in to reach max acceleration.

if someone is just left righting then thats predictable. i recently got into a battle like that and landed alot of my shots with the sk. it was fun how i read his patterns and landed all my shots.

while boxers head movement might not be instantaneous, its still insanely quick. whats not as quick in comparison are the punches. thats why boxing is fun. theyre essentially throwing projectiles and boxers can incorporate the same spam dodging technique that people do with strafing in infinite to evade without thinking.

Strafing is only that predictable if the player is obliging enough to repeat the same movement with the same timing. Most decent players won’t do this. You need to watch the movement itself for a sign that the a target is about to change speed and direction. Previous Halos gave a small but noticeable and exploitable pause as the target Spartan shifted directional momentum, but Halo Infinite does not. This means that the only viable alternative is to quickly chase the target with the reticle after they start the new movement, which requires the whole-arm MnK aiming that controller players can’t do and many MnK players find uncomfortable.

also important to point out, infinites strafing is not instantaneous. moving the stick takes time. And from the poster above me, apparently keyboard also compensates for that too.

If that’s true then that makes sense as to why I feel like I’ve been running into so much of it on controller-only. Although I don’t know what this “15” value you speak of is. It’s weird there’s no walk button, that isn’t something I even thought about tbh… that’s probably why full walk speed was originally not on radar honestly.

It also only works because aim assist and bullet magnetism are basically gone. I’ve pumped entire magazines of RR BR shots into someone only to miss who knows how many bullets due to microstrafing. Ridiculous.

Not if they don’t want to get punched in the face. Dodging your opponent like that means reading their punches. If you just dodged randomly you’d eat a fist. It also means knowing what they’re capable of due to, again, PHYSICS. The reason it seems so effortless is that those top boxers know exactly what their opponent is capable of and they see it coming almost before it happens.

Regardless, it’s a moot point. The problem is that the rapid strafing is bad in this game, and boxing really has nothing to do with it.

The problem isn’t that thumbs don’t obey physics, it’s that the Spartans don’t and the game doesn’t compensate for that.

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wait, so youre arguing for realism in a game? there are lots of games that break physics and have similar strafing.