Move the central india server over to the south india [Chennai] for better ping

I live in sri lanka and I mostly play games on singapore servers. Usually around 60-70ms ping. I saw on reddit that infinite has an indian server. But from my experience we sri lankans get more or less the same ping as singapore to indian servers. Except i checked this and found out we have better ping to chennai servers.
Central India - Pune - 222ms
Southeast asia - Singapore - 215ms
South India - Pune - 124ms
West India - Mumbai - 223ms
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These values seem higher than the actual ping ingame but you can clearly see the difference. The reason for this must be how internet lines are placed in south asia.
I think we will be able to play at around 30ms for the first time in our lives if it’s moved to south india. I don’t see this hurting any other south asian gamers as well so I’d be really happy if this change was made.

*South India - Chennai - 124ms