Move Guide Boarding Hover Ground Pound Boost Slide

I’ve been content with ground pounding since Halo 5 came out and I just decided to learn how to slide but why is there no easy control/move guide? I found a you tube video but why aren’t these new moves explained thoroughly in the game somewhere or here. All of the forum pages are missing decent descriptions, here are some decent descriptions:

  1. Hijacking / Boarding: press x to hijack vehicle and hold grenade to plant grenade
  2. Hover / Ground Pound: hold right stick to hover, keep holding to ground pound
  3. Boost / Boost Slide: run to full speed and click right stick to boost, then press crouch to boost slide"

Anything to add, please post.

You may want to account for different control schemes by describing the action instead of what button to hold.

Or perhaps just a blanket “written with Default control scheme”.

Yea I figured that was going to come up. I get it, the <80 character descriptions are not enough to give the proper detail. Maybe it should be separate from the control scheme. Idk but I hope this thread helps out. I am all for more players to shoot at/with and players who are new to Halo are already gonna get killed. Also I think that the moves and abilities Halo has come up with are really cool.