Mouse vs controller needs to be balanced. And BR starts

Battle rifle starts. Why hasn’t this been put into a play list? It’s really mindboggling. Halo Infinite is the only game that doestn’ let you start with a fun to use ranged weapon. I don’t enjoy the AR fights at all, to be honest.

Mouse and keyboard improvements. By that, I mean the ability to more easily track targets, or at least compete better against controller usage, however way that may be. The movement in this game gives the advantage towards controller. There’s zero doubt about that. Adding a bit of momentum to strafes (similar to older Halo games) would greatly even out the equation. Maybe even reduce recoil for all weapons for mouse players. Movement is too erratic for aim assist-less mouse play going up against controllers with aim assist.

I’m really not trying to start any toxicity…Just giving honest feedback that would make the game more fun (to me). I don’t like using a controller, but I play far better in this game with one then without. Only shooter game I can say that’s the case.

Bit of a warning, despite you not wanting toxicity you’re gonna find plenty of it, two reasons;

  1. Everybody’s individual experience is different.
  2. There’s been approximately 1,000 threads on this, and the more I think about it the less that sounds like an exaggeration.

Also, I mean, play ranked. Anybody really keen to use the BR is either doing that, or picking it up straight away in social anyway.

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is it now commen more that each PC player needs to make there own complain thread about M&K VS controler now?

there not going to chance anything at all to belance it more.

it was reallly a bad choose from the developers to make it also playable on the PC platform since you get this crap now more also thanks to it.

Take it up with 343. It’s been four months without a single dev comment on the issue. Not even a lame “We’re looking into it.” from anyone.

If they straight up came out and said “We don’t care/This is as good as it’s getting.” I would respect it. I would permanently quit Halo multiplayer with zero of chance of ever returning. But I could at least respect it as a decision from a competently run studio.

thats why it has been told all on a other thread that the developers most explane things to us if things becoming to hot that there can end the discusion about it more before like we see now happing that things become out off controle.

thats why topic’s that have become hot more need to be explane by the developers in there post’s.
and its not only the M&K discusion that has become what to hot since there are also some other topic’s that have reach that level more.

Reduce bloom on Mnk. Problem solved.

I think inertia would be interesting to experiment with, but it would benefit both MNK and Controller alike favoring neither.

I think the biggest QOL improvement that MNK players could gain is for 343 to bring back the red reticle so that players can understand RRR and bullet magnetism ranges/areas for optimal shot placement.

Besides that, there is no balance that can be attained that will put MNK and Controller on par with each other that won’t handicap/upset/overpower one side or the other.

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Imagine having disdain for someone wanting to enjoy a game you also enjoy because of the way they use their fingers compared to how you use your own.

I’ve been craving the ability to play Halo using MNK with my friends ever since I’ve owned a 360 and struggled to use a controller. I grew up on PC and never adapted well to console so when El Dewrito gave me my first taste of Halo 3 on PC, a game that I was never good at because of my limited input options (controller only) in 2008 I had a blast enjoying the game on a familiar input scheme. H5F and MCC really expanded upon this moving forward, I’m ecstatic that I can now enjoy Halo from a gameplay/competitive perspective rather than relying on the creative/lore/achievement perspective I compensated with due to my inadequacy with a controller.

How about trying to hammer out some common ground solutions that benefit all players who just want to play the game on their choice of input rather than trying to play gatekeeper because of some holdover console wars sentiment?

Chance anything? What? Posting OPINION-based feedback is not the same as complaints. Isn’t that what forums are for? Or am I missing something?

The ONLY thing I want is for mouse and keyboard to be more enjoyable for me. Mouse vs. controller balance was perfect in MCC. Making Halo Infinite play like the older games may be a bit too much too ask. Simply adding an input device matchmaking option for non-ranked matches could be enough.

These topic are sad because cross play is good with certain settings like friend pc or console.

Make cross play selectable option and pc ma m&k favor over pc controllers problem solved

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There is a balanced Halo experience complete with BR starts. Halo 3. Question is why 343 just can’t get rid of the dumb bloom which obviously isn’t characteristic to Halo.

The only reason why BR feels like it’s the only nice feeling gun is because it doesn’t have Bloom, and all the other weapons don’t need bloom either. Bloom also hurts MKB more due to lack of AA and the microadjustments MKB has to make in addition to the Bloom gives us weak sauce accuracy when it comes to precision weapons. Now factor in desync and it’s no wonder why the average PC player has only 30-40% accuracy.

WRONG! Halo needs to stay on PC for mod potential with content alone.

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I guarantee you the response to this will be ‘well I’m sorry but Halo was a console game first and crossplay has ruined it so they should just cater to console players’.

Which as you say is hugely selfish - not only eschewing PC players but based on the XB1 performance also those who can’t afford or couldn’t get a new console.

The same people would just complain about player population too :joy:

This is actually my first Halo on PC (still use my XB1 controller) and beyond the crashing (which a lot fewer console players have) it plays the same as console but I never get a red reticle. So feel like if anything I have a disadvantage vs console controller players.

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yea look how manny threads there are about the M&K VS controler complains there are and its wierd there are all start by a PC player more.
since there all start the same with the same point that for M&K players its not fair vs controler.
there is also one that calls all the controlers players a Greatest Threat for the game so yea its more commen more that PC players are more complaining about it and make there own threads about it.

@Trand0 look on the replay on the top from this post and you see why it was a mistake to bring halo out on the PC also.

why you think people wane see crossplay become’s a option to turn off and on between platforms and for my part there also add the second option you can choose what for input you wane play with and against it.

was bad is still bad since it has give only more problems with it.
thanks to that we have a cheater problem in the first place.
thanks to that we have PC players whine about M&K vs controler.
2 big topic’s we have now thanks to the big mistake there have done

Would be great with a separate BR quick play playlist.
And crossplay needs to be optional. Both inputs have advantages that are annoying to go up against.

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Again, it’s rather hyperbolic and rottenly elitist to think less of your peers who enjoy a franchise as much as you do simply do to the console/input choice they prefer.

It’s one thing to make an argument identifying the imbalance of the control schemes/performance that input/hardware enables, it’s another disgustingly erroneous thing to suggest that gamers who just want to enjoy a franchise as much as you do are somehow the root of all the game’s problems.

there is still a diffrend between to enjoy the franchinse and cursing problems to the franchinse.
i can tell you for sure that a lot off console players are not enjoying the franchinse at all since for some reason we are force to play with the PC platform in multiplayer when a lot off then not wane play with then for a good reason.

and we reach now on a point with this discusion about the M&K vs controler discusion when we need a developers to tell us if there going to chance it or not and what the reasons are why there have choose for this settings for both off the inputs.

hey bud, sorry its 2021, the money is on PC not Xbox. The game is dead because console players cried about BS like battle pass. This could be a fantastic game on steam and be hugely successful if they balanced the MnK out, there are tens of millions of FPS players on steam. Hardly a few million playing xbox.