Mouse sensitivity precision

Hi 343, can you please increase the precision of the mouse sensitivity setting from 1 decimal place? 1 decimal place isn’t precise enough to keep the same effective mouse sensitivity between different FPS games, and it means that my aim feels off because my sensitivity should be around 1.15 but I only have the option of 1.1 or 1.2.

Bumping this because it’s something that has bothered me in halo MCC as well, which has the same problem. my perfect sensitivity for me personally would be 0.675 but i can only do 0.6 or 0.7, too slow or too fast. it would be really nice to have more granularity.


I was playing around with the options and found a workaround to this problem. “horizontal sensitivity scale” and “vertical sensitivity scale” can be used to achieve a finer sensitivity. What I did to get my ideal sens was set both scales to 0.5 and set my sensitivity to 1.4. what this did was make the overall sensitivity half as fast then I compensated by doubling “mouse sensitivity” from my ideal 0.675 to 1.35 and rounded it to 1.4 since I can only have 1 decimal place using the slider. I found that I could also go further and reduce the scales to 0.1 and set “mouse sensitivity” to 6.8. Both methods have a slight discrepancy from rounding, but they are both much closer to my ideal sensitivity than leaving the scales at 1.0. It still would be nice if infinite allowed the base “mouse sensitivity” to a few more decimal places, but for now at least there is something to mitigate this issue.