Mouse quits registering clicks.

So far, in my the multiplayer games I have played my mouse quits registering clicks in the first 10 seconds of the match and it never corrects itself. Playing on windows 10.

To further clarify the problem, every other input works. I can move my mouse, i can select units and move the screen with the keyboard, i can even plug in a controller and finish the game. However when this problem does occur I DO NOT have my controller plugged in. The only thing running on my computer is halo wars 2 and the only two peripherals I have plugged in are my keyboard and my mouse. Please for the love of god fix this. I can’t play the game I have waited 10 years to play.

I found that if you alt+tab then click on the halo wars 2 icon on your task bar to bring you back into the game it fixes a mouse issue. Not sure if that helps =/ I find it crazy when using a mouse if you try to use the mini-map when there’s a structure or unit under the mini-map where your clicking it bugs out. Worst feeling ever.

This EXACT problem happens to me also… I have yet to find a solution. alttabbing doesnt work. playing in windowed doesnt work either.

Pressing a base hotkey/camera location key seems to fix the problem for me. Although, ive only had it happen once.