Mouse Input Issues (PC_left Mouse Button)

Hello Community,

Since launch I have been trying to work out why my left mouse click won’t register at times only in Comp. My in game character will move to fire but does not and at times well after click the BR will fire. I suspect this is a server issue however trying controller on PC does not do this at all (need to spend more time with controller).

Things I have tried
-3 different mice (1 wired 2 wireless) Deathadder V2, G502, Pwnage ergo
-Different M/B Usb ports (4)
-Killing as many background applications as possible
-Slow left clicks (issue happens at times during first burst)
-Updating drivers
-Verifying server requirements are satisfied

I’m really enjoying this game but this drives me crazy!!!

when you move, is it moving instantly or ONLY when you shoot.
some game with v sync activate with have a delay.
and i think there is an option to Sync THE GPU with something else. so it can add further delay. come back with the answer.

First, Thank you for taking the time to respond.

This occurs when I’m moving or standing still. The movement I’m referencing is the fire movement ( almost like the beginning of the recoil or the lifting Br to fire)

I have Vsync off but my monitor has Gsync, Frames locked @ 168, monitor spec 170 fps.

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as a troubleshoot procedure try to circle down when the problem happen or doesn’t.
-does your left clic respond correctly in the menu.
-while the game is started, does it react the same in the setting menu.

  • is it the same while you are un a gunner position or driver.
    its seems a really weird problem. sometime the easiet way might be to reinstall. and to make sure, deleted the old file or reinstall in the different folder.

good luck bud.