Mouse Calibration slightly off

I’m experiencing an issue with my mouse calibration in the game.

When using anything to do with the UI, example the map, clicking on the map seems to make the game think i’m clicking a cm or two above where i actually clicked, this sometimes makes it appear as though the game thinks i’m clicking off the map entirely, where as sometimes I can be clicking below the map, and the game will think i’m clicking on the map. as you can imagine this creates considerable confusion and issues frustrating commands that were not my intentions.

on the main menu if I mouse over ‘play, challenges, service record, new DLC, exit game, options & extras, Career, and MOTD’ nothing happens, and I have to move the mouse down by about a cm or two to click on the options. I dont believe this is a problem with my computer and rather the game because some of the UI features do not have this issue, while others do.

Are you in window mode?