Mouse and Keyboard Strafing Movement too fast?

So I hit Onyx with both controller and m&kb and boy does this game feel drastically different in terms aiming with both inputs. Close range battles on m&kb almost feel like i’m playing quake.

I was trying to think of a solution but I can’t think of anything except slowing down the side to side movement, but then again that might make aiming on controller too easy.

Any ideas?

Aiming on controller is already too easy even with the fast strafe movement.

Ya I don’t think there is a way to balance this. I’m glad they have the separate playlist but now I’m thinking the m&kb playlist needs to go in its own direction that makes the game more fun.

I think slowing down side to side speed and maybe starting with a Halo CE pistol (the halo 5 custom game one) would be an interesting idea. Halo Infinite BR is fun but I would like to try a few different guns.