Mouse and keyboard needs increased bullet magnetism

Title, mouse and keyboard feels terrible especially in comparison to controller AA which allows for much easier lasering. Controllers should stay the same i’m not asking for an AA nerf, but mouse and keyboard desperately needs a severe increase in bullet magnetism, it is not surprising this game has such a low playercount on steam


No we don’t. Bullet Mag in Infinite isn’t even that strong, but we do need some AA back on MKB. AA was in the Infinite Flights for MKB before launch but was promptly removed after launch. The AA for MKB was pretty weak too, just enough so that you are a little more accurate when strafing and tracking.

Want that back please. But definitely do not need more Bullet Mag.

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I personally didn’t like having AA on M&K. Was horrible for actually improving aim on an individual level, which as a CS player is a big deal to me. That being said there might be accessibility issues I’m not considering that AA on M&K could improve, but the outlines system is a good example of some negative outcomes that can occur from focusing on accessibility. Not that accessibility shouldn’t be focused on, but I know I’m not alone when I say I prefer traditional RvB over Infinite’s outlines any day of the week.

I definitely don’t think we need an increase in bullet mag. Maybe just simply giving M&K the same red reticle settings as console would be enough to make things feel a lot better? Cause I’m pretty sure red reticle does impact when bullet mag kicks in?

Well you aren’t playing CS here buddy, this is Halo. In Halo we value target stickiness over snap shooting since players have much more durability with shields.

Without the Flight minor MKB AA, see how much accuracy gap there is between MKB and Controller.

I for one don’t really use it, but it should finally shut the MKB community up.


That wasn’t my point (which I don’t think I made clear to be fair). Halo was my first FPS. I grew up with CE on the og Xbox. I get how Halo designed. I don’t want Halo to be CS, I want Halo to be Halo.
My point is that by adding an external aid to a M&K players aim it reduces their overall competency. Short term it’ll boost low performers with M&K, which helps out casual players, but long term it hurts their proficiency with using a mouse. Plus AA with a mouse feels awkward and unnatural, which goes against the appeal of using a mouse.

Hopefully that clears up my original comment?

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There’s a real good three part video on this stuff…but no, bullet mag doesn’t need to be increased.

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Mnk needs a bit of aim assist or increased magnetism, i agree

I don’t know why there is this constant misinformation that controller users have it so easy, people even compare controller users to using an aim bot. I am a controller user, and everybody I know that uses a controller says it’s almost impossible to aim correctly in Halo Infinite, you’re fighting the controller all the time.

Now on the other side of that, everybody that I know that uses mouse and keyboard, likes using mouse and keyboard because of the aiming, people on the PC could easily switch to a controller, but they won’t. The aiming in this game with a controller is trash, people I know including myself have no problem in other games, and so we play other games, this game is trash.

I haven’t played Infinite in quite a while, but I will try it again today, I will prepare myself to be disgusted and bored … I don’t think anything has been fixed, or added to this live service game … has it?

I’m not exactly sure what needs to happen regarding MnK, but it’s clear that it’s not performing up to par with controller.

Now, don’t misinterpret this as a feat of power; controller aim assist is nowhere near as strong as it was in previous titles. Halo Infinite feels awful on Mnk and it has a lot to do with how the aiming is set up. It really needs to be looked at soon.

Edit: @Freak_A_Fan do you even understand the topic being discussed? If you truly did, you’d be in agreement that Mnk needs a fix, right?

I don’t use MnK, but if it is worse than controller, as you say, this game is doomed, because aiming in this game is crap. I can play Destiny, and other than boredom, the aiming is comfortable and hit detection is consistent, that is one of the things I need in a game! Who Knew!

You could create the best aiming system in the world, one that would make everyone happy, give it to 343, but they would still go with their own system, they don’t care.

How many people need to complain before 343 changes it, Hell I can load up Splitgate and the menu loads (as it should), and there is a lobby (as there should be), and a veto system, and the bloody aiming works.

tbh I don’t really care what it is exactly so long as mnk gets some kind of buff to be more on par with controller and for hit detection to feel more consistent

I agree with this, i’m not sure if AA would feel good on mnk, i once played destiny with a xim4 back in the day and it wasn’t all that great (granted that was also trying to use a mouse on a platform designed for controller, but still)

People found out that it’s because AA for controllers in Infinite just straight up functions differently. The AA zones for Infinite by default is insanely wide, so wide to the point where the stickiness of it is counteracting your inputs; you quite literally do better without thumbstick adjusting. This is why the controller actually performs way better if you tighten the deadzone, so it feels closer to older titles. But this also means their AA stickiness is actually pretty strong too in Infinite, while it is much weaker than say, H4 or H5.

Again, one of the things people have no idea why 343 had to fiddle with and change for Infinite, along with a myriad other gameplay changes. Remember we even needed 343 to release to the community a “guide to zoom sens settings so that it felt closer to older titles”


This is the exact issue. I think? I feel like the reticle doesn’t stick to the right places and it takes forever to readjust it. It would rather stick to the outside radius of the target and not the actual target.

M/KB is fine. The problem is controller is too good. Especially with guns like the BR it is mindless to shoot people with it.

You don’t see any MnK players playing at the HCS level but MnK is fine?

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NOPE, it don’t.
cross play needs turning off tho.

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The reason I don’t want to nerf controllers is because I remember back in apex legends controller players always complained about mouse and keyboard players wanting to nerf aim assist and it just turned into a big poop-slinging contest between the two inputs. That is not my intention, I merely want mouse and keyboard to feel better and be on par with controller


ignorant take

the pc population is maybe .1% of the entire playerbase. Combined with controller being better with the way things are currently balanced, I can bet you that most of the time you get destroyed it’s by a controller (which i’m assuming is your issue, otherwise you wouldn’t be whining about crossplay)

if you are on pc and complaining about crossplay… you do realize if it was turned off you wouldn’t be able to find any games right?

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Controller is the superior input. I use a controller I play ranked, comp in this game is controller players because mnk players can’t consistently aim like we do.