Mouse and Keyboard feels…off

So I’m really not sure how to word this. I’ve used mouse and keyboard on plenty of other fps’ with zero issues. I was always able to find a comfortable option, and over time preferred mnk over controller. This includes all games on MCC, and it honestly felt great on halo 3 and halo 2, which have 2 vastly different BRs. However, on halo Infinite, I have found it impossible to find something comfortable. At first, I duplicated my halo mcc sens on infinite, and it felt I would make massive over adjustments on strafes and stuff, which was abnormal. I would turn down sens and it would be dramatically too slow.

I’ve made searches everywhere trying to figure out what’s going on exactly. I haven’t found anything concrete free at all. I have zero idea what’s going on, and I also have no idea if it felt like this during the flights. For now my best solution was to set the nvidia low latency to Ultra just in case it’s due to input lag, and to replicate my MCC sens by using a lower in game sensitivity, and increasing my dpi to 1600. It feels a bit better, but I played halo 2a all day yesterday and the game just felt better. Please someone clue me in, if not I guess I’ll just run a controller. Not a huge problem, but I would prefer mnk.

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Idk, this one feels fine to me. I only use mouse and keyboard. I will say I can tell when people are using a controller, but I don’t feel the aim assist is as bad as it was in all the MCC games. I have an advantage in my movement and how many actions I can do at the same time as aiming and shooting, so I don’t really mind if a controller player has a little higher accuracy.

With that said, it will never be able to be a comp game that people take seriously unless they have two different brackets split by input method.

But I think a lot of the things your describing are server desyncs and net code issues. I have noticed a lot of weird things happen in infinite that feels like lag even though my connection is perfectly fine. I’ll stop inputing movement sometimes and my character will continue to move for a split second. Or, I’ll rubber band and micro stutter. I think the networking needs to be looked into for this game. I notice it a lot more in ranked than I do in social playlists for some reason.

That’s just my opinion though.

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Yeah honestly the only thing I’m trying to get done with this post is find a way to make my mnk feel comfortable. I will never start an input war, I think that’s stupid lol.

Are your settings different from mcc? Just curious.

I’m not sure but I can go and look tonight and I’ll let you know. I’ll post up all my mkb settings for you when I get off work.

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