Mouse and Keyboard feels awful to use

I know this is a minority opinion. I love Halo, so please, especially if you don’t use this input, hear me out, I want this game to be amazing. I don’t want to play anything else other than Halo, but currently it’s almost unplayable.

Look I’m not that tech savvy, so I can’t explain in detail what seems to be wrong. However, I’ve played Halo for a long time even at a almost pro level in Halo 3 competing in lan tourneys and such. I’ve switched to PC gaming with mouse and keyboard as my obvious input.

The “feel” of moving and aiming using mouse and keyboard feels atrociously bad. I’m comparing how it “feels” to other recent titles like call of duty, battlefield and valorant. All of those games “feel” better to play using mouse and keyboard.

Aiming feels “floaty” as if I’m trying to push 2 repulsive magnets together. Movement feels clunky and unattached to the mouse. I’m a pretty decent no-lifer at fps, holding high ranks in multiple ranked games, and i feel like I’ve never played a fps game before here. I know Halos style with my past, I know how to play, but aiming feels almost impossible in it’s current state outside of long range.

Look, many players who historically play mouse and keyboard as their preferred input, on day 1 were using a controller instead. What should that tell us? I know the primary audience is console/controller players and I get that, but with the game being cross-platform, it doesn’t excuse for the sorry state of mouse and keyboard.

Like I said at the beginning, I love Halo, but the current mouse and keyboard feel is so far from good it’s depressing. I really hope some improvements can be made…

Thanks for reading <3

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Shameless bump, I do want to add that having played more, my opinion hasn’t changed. It still feels like somethings way off. There are also more issues popping up to include stuttering, input delay, massive hit reg issues. Ugh.

You’ve probably checked this already but…VSync?

Halo Infinite is the first Halo game I will be attempting to play on MnK at least for the time being. In fact I typically shy away from shooters on PC. I have played Halo for nearly 20 years, and I consider myself to be an above-average player.

This morning I loaded up the weapon drills and IMO aiming feels broken with certain weapons. It is almost too good. I was able to easily get three stars with the Stalker Rifle and Sniper Rifle, two weapons that I suspect are supposed to be difficult to use. Also, this doesn’t seem to be a problem with the scoring in weapon drills. With the Sniper Rifle I could almost hit headshots on stationary targets as fast as I could fire. There is no way my aim would ever be that good on controller.

I will say some other weapons like the BR for example feel pretty good. I feel as though the BR is relatively well balanced between MnK and controller. This is based on my experiences on Xbox during the second testing flight.

Please note: I have yet to play the current build on Xbox. My opinion may change as I play more but these are my initial thoughts.

How many stars you get in weapon drills against moving target dummies means literally nothing. Go play multiplayer and go 0-12, and let me know how it feels.

But if we’re talking about aiming, weapon drills should be the best benchmark. Actually playing multiplayer introduces many more variables. Like I said, I’m not at all proficient in FPS gameplay with MnK. My movement skills are horrible atm, but my aiming is substantially better on MnK than on controller.

Hmm, I’m usually really sensitive to bad aiming mechanics and I’ve had no issue with Infinite, I quite like the feel of it. I’ve felt really accurate in everything from stalker rifles to vehicles.
Maybe it is an issue with the game, but honestly it sounds like you’ve got some sort of technical issue causing that. bad interaction between OS and game settings, some frame timing thing related to vsync? Not sure.
I hope you get it figured out!

Thanks for the reply, glad you’re enjoying the game. If it’s a technical issue, it’s something that I cannot resolve. If you’re an avid mouse and keyboard PC shooter like myself, then you’ll know how intricate we are with our tech and settings to troubleshoot and find the best setup.

So that being said, it would be something on the game’s end. But hear me out, A LOT of mouse and keyboard content creators are saying the same things I did. There is definitely some issues that are very problematic for a lot of people.

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