Motion tracker?

Why why why. There was nothing wrong with it, no one had any issues with previous halo motion trackers, so why change it? It just makes the game a lot more frustrating to play, like half of our awareness had been taken from us. Honestly, I would rather the whole thing just be taken out of the game rather than have a half–Yoink- radar that doesn’t really tell me what I need to know. I have learnt to play this game relying on the motion tracker, and now I have to re learn it all. No to mention, the size reduction means that even when someone is sprinting you have about ahead second to react before they out-skill you with shoulder charge (also a great bonus to Destiny 2). Honestly, it just needs to be put back to standard with all the other halos, 25m radius where I can see everything happening within that.

Then you may want to check out my topic. It covers some issues about the motion tracker.

on it now dude (: