Motion Tracker - sprint/thrust nerf

It is my opinion that Halo 5 could be a great opportunity to change up how motion tracker works. Simply make it so that the motion tracker will only blip you if you sprint, thrust, jump or clamber. Whereas standard walking would not blip you on motion trackers, but would still make sound. Crouch walking would produce no sound, while also remaining off motion tracker.

This motion tracker would help to bolster traditional halo-esque movement while nerfing the new abilities. Making the new abilities more of a trade off, while still basically keeping motion tracker functioning in a traditional manner.

It might ultimately be a small change, but I think it would help push the needle back a notch toward a more classic feel. It would create more flanking opportunities, and put a greater emphasis on situational awareness.

Thoughts? (hopefully constructive)

Very interesting concept. I know there will be many who won’t like this as they have to have the thing tell them where everyone is, but as someone who prefers playing with no radar, I think this would be a cool concept personally and would help provide more downsides to sprinting/thrusting. Don’t expect it to be implemented though

I am realistic it would not be implemented, more just wishful thinking. I doubt 343 is reading the forum much, there is only so much “this game sucks” developers can stomach.

What I like about my concept is, I doubt anyone would even notice, especially with the amount of sprinting and thrusting going on, motion tracker would be bliping all the time. Its a significant change, but with subtle results. There is a clear cut trade off, gaining a definitive movement advantages but giving away your position, or using standard movement and remaining off motion tracker.

All those jump-boost-clamber shortcuts v.s. walking all the way around and up a ramp becomes a very real choice of how to approach a given combat situation. Creates far more depth of play… but like I said before, just wishful thinking.

I know it is extreme but I almost feel like you should get a waypoint on your head if you are sprinting away from death.

I love it. 343 should offer feedback on this immediately.

I’ve noticed many times in this beta how the motion tracker immensely slows down the gameplay. This has always been the case, but now that 343 is actively attempting to make the game faster, watching some poor fool attempt to crouch walk on an enemy position just sticks out like a very sore thumb.

Having a tracker that hightlights enhanced mobility, and possibly even gunfire, is one thing. The classic motion tracker is just campaign gameplay shoehorned into multiplayer, and is little more than an accessory for corner camping.

Corner camping indeed.