Motion Tracker: Good or Not Good Enough?

I’ve put in some solid time in Infinite over the past week and I’ve noticed my awareness is not near what it was in previous halos (started in CE). I’ve found I can’t rely on the motion tracker nearly as much as I could previously. It seems anytime I check it, all of a sudden an enemy assassinated me from behind time and time again. Almost to the point to where I don’t even look at it because it tells me nothing or it doesn’t even give me a heads up. There’s almost no point to having a motion tracker lol. We’d be better off with no tracker honestly.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree it gives little to none advantage or do you think its very minimal radius is acceptable?


I honestly think it’s completely pointless now. I don’t think it’s saved me once and it’s gotten me killed many times. The decision to keep it in but reduce the range whilst also making the game larger and faster with more traversal options is just a bit of a headscratcher to me.

I know some people will say “ah well I prefer people have to have more awareness” but this is a casual game for a lot of people and it is (or should be) an extremely useful tool. Halo is a hard game to have perfect environmental awareness on considering people sprint 60mph, jump 20 feet through the air and can now swing across the ceiling like spider-man with grapple hooks. I dunno, I just don’t really feel like it needed nerfing, it served its purpose well.

Personally I think it should be the regular range for normal/casual playlists, reduced for some of the sweatier ones and either reduced or non-existent in ranked. That would be my personal preference. Failing that though I honestly hope they just remove it altogether if they’re not going to make it bigger because it’s -Yoink!- me off with how useless it is haha


On balance though I’m not really all that fussed what happens with it, it’s just annoying having to train myself to stop looking at it. After 20 years I pretty much always have one eye on it by habit

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They just need to buff it to what it used to be. It wasn’t an issue for the vast majority of Halo’s lifespan.


Nowhere near far enough. Needs to be 25m at least


I completely agree, I always used to have one eye on it but now I’m finding that’s getting me killed…a lot. So I’m done using it at all.

I only ever seem to have use for it in Aquarius everywhere else it’s as useless as everyone says it is.

Yeah 25 meters would be right.

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its rather awful. It only shows people when they are already on top of you, it has gotten me killed more times than what it helped me.


I often find myself hearing the enemy footsteps before I see them on the Radar, or if I do look down at the Radar, they’ve already killed me, because it shows them either closer than they actually are, or further away than what they actually are.

AND, who the -Yoink!- thought it would be a good idea to completely remove you from the Radar when in Camo? The whole point of the Camo was that it gave you a little freedom, but you had to be cautious about how you moved, because people could look at the Radar, NOW as long as you aren’t sprinting, you’re completely hidden from view and Radar, so there’s the risk factor gone, because you can just waltz up to some guys spine and tear him a new one.

The radar isnt even 18M like it says. it is actually 18ft.I did a measurement in game and it game out to just under 2 and a half wharthogs. They are lying to people what their radar is and it is useless. They kept shrinking and reducing its effect to push their pro mlg agenda and now this has what it became.


What is the range on it? Whatever it is, it has certainly felt off compared to the OG Halo days. Much shorter range than this one remembers - so they did reduce it? But why? Using radar has been part of the gameplay since… basically it’s a mainstay of the series identity.

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This is actually something in the Halo Franchise I always actually disliked. Mostly because is screwed over acting intelligently by letting people know what your doing even though they can’t actually see you. To get around it, you have to slow down to a crawls pace in order to hopefully sneak around without letting people on.

In ways, I wished it just tracked teammates honestly. But I delt with it honestly as it’s was Bungies ( and now 343’s ) games.

In this game I haven’t had an issue with it though. I can still plan ahead using it to ambush people in this game. I’ll have to try and play with it further before I can tell if I like how it is in this game or not.

Yeah, radar is pretty useless in this game. If you see a red dot it’s already too late.


it sucks. Id at least settle for louder footsteps.

Yeah why are my team mates louder than enemies? Wtf?

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The range of the motion tracker aside one of my biggest problems with it is it doesn’t show the elevation of enemies on it relative to you. At least back in Reach it was very obvious if someone was above you or below you because the motion tracker had different symbols for them. There are none in Infinite, and especially with how vertical some of the maps can be (e.g. live fire) it’s annoying not knowing whether they’re above or below you.

I’ve begun to feel like the motion tracker penalizes me for looking at it. Definitely want the range increased.


I’d like it to reveal actions like sprinting and gunfire, if we want its range to be larger. Its short range is just fine though. Tells you basically everything.