(Most) Yoinks don't make sense.

Let me just dive right into the topic: the majority of the time, Yoinking simply doesn’t make any sense. If you embedded a giant knife into someone’s skull, they died by the knife. Not by a subsequent punch or shot to the foot, it’s the knife. A knife in the brainpan does not put a person in some sort of limbo, allowing them to be resurrected then immediately killed again; the knife ends their life then and there.

It’s such a simple concept and yet, such a blatant (however minor) design flaw. Which is why I propose a change: Assassinations should be awarded at the moment of the finishing blow, essentially making the Yoink timeframe the same as the Showstopper timeframe. If you manage to Yoink someone before the finishing blow is delivered, by all means, that’s your rightful kill. However, anytime after that, it simply can’t be a justified kill. It simply doesn’t make sense.

This topic has been driving me mad for about a year now. I said it over and over at B.net, but since 343i is in charge now and making a TU, I can only hope that this is taken into consideration.


Yoinks should not even exist.

> Yoinks should not even exist.


Assassinations are one of my two weakness in Reach. Yoinks only make it worse.

> Yoinks should not even exist.

I used to get mad with yoinks! But then after I started rolling with a my one particular friend whom I never to get play with, the yoinks! became a competition between us.

It’s become a badge of teamwork for us.

Yoinks are hilarious. Even more so when my buddy and I are playing, and he’s trying to finish all of his commendations. So when I see him going for an assasination, I take it. We chuckle, he calls me an -Yoink-, and we move on.

And it’s funny to hear while playing!