Most would buy skins if prices were reasonable

They need to slash the prices by half (even more on the 20 euro stuff). I’m an engineering student not a business student but I think that making all the microtransactions so expensive is a really bad business move. Not only do you loose good faith with the community, you will get less buyers. If these prices were reasonable, most would get them. I have played a lot of the game so far as I have completed all the week one challenges and I have already nearly completed this weeks and I have only seen ONE person with that 20 euro skin from the store, proving my point


Yeah, I’d definitely be willing to buy skins if the prices were more reasonable.

I understand that it’s a free to play game – although I really would have rather paid for a full-priced experience, personally – so I’m happy enough to buy skins if I feel like I’m getting good value. I’ve done it plenty on Apex Legends and even their pricing scheme is predatory and bad.

But right now, the Infinite approach is basically the worst I’ve seen. It’s terrible and I just don’t want to give them any money at all. $15 for an ‘Epic’ item? That’s terrible. The ‘rare’ stuff should just be available for everyone as default stuff. Epics should be $5. Legendary should be $10. But obviously I’m not in charge of any of this and I doubt that the people making these horrible progression/MTX decisions even play games or care anyways.


Same here. I’ve spent close to $2,000 on Apex (I know, I know), but this is just bad. You don’t get even half your money’s worth.


Yeah. I am level 23 in reach and level 7 in tenrai. It’s hard to feel pride in the unlocks and level that I achieved as people probably think that I payed my way there. Not that I only care what others think. It’s that you feel like a fraud even though you aren’t!!!

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Oh yeah, I’ve spent a stupid amount of money in Apex. Like genuinely stupid. I’m what they describe as a ‘whale,’ for sure. But I love the game and ‘feel’ like I’m getting some semblance of value when I spend money in that game.

I don’t get that feeling in Infinite right now. I love Halo and would definitely spend stupid money on stupid things, but only if I didn’t feel stupid about it at the time of purchase.


Careful around here. There may not be harpoons, but there are lots of pitchforks, which may work well enough on a whale. :laughing:

Don’t feel bad, I too spent an unhealthy amount on Apex back when it first came out lmao

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I wish the kits weren’t kits as I want the Team EnVy/Optic coating but not if it can only be used on the core/helmet I don’t use.

Prices seem a little high for what you get, I’d definitely buy stuff down the line if it was cheaper. Going to take something very special to open my wallet at the current price structure.

Also happy with the level of free stuff, we get one thing every week, few things every event and stuff in the battle pass although I’ve paid for this battle pass. There’s only a few things I want but was enough to shake 10 bucks out of me. Hopefully future battle passes are the same with more I like as I could see myself not getting all of them.

Haha, for sure. I know that I am part of the problem. Which is why I don’t want to continue to be a sucker when it comes to Halo. I love Halo too much to contribute to 343i thinking that anything they’ve done with progression and the store is good.

I’m fortunate to have enough disposable income to take care of my needs and have something left to spend on ‘wants,’ but 343i needs to offer something worth spending money on. And also just have prices that aren’t so out of whack that even me, a moron, says ‘No, I don’t think I will buy anything.’

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Apex was my first experience with microtransactions. Those collection events got me lol.

I payed 10 euro for the battlepass as you have to. I got one of the e-sports skins thinking that I could put It on my reach spartan and I cant

Buy whatever you want with your money, my friend. It’s just nice to see even a whale recognizes a bad deal when they see one. :wink: After all, how did they get their money in the first place? They all didn’t get it from inheritance.

Oh I didn’t spend any money on the collection events. That -Yoink!- was absolutely atrocious.

By “collection” they definitely meant “collect that $$$$”


I am not opposed to buying anything either. However, the only helmet I want is the EVA, but it’s behind the $10 season pass paywall. I can easily afford it, but I’m not buying the pass on principle until 343 commits to improving their system.

That said, if they offered a whole store with individual purchasing options I’d be inclined to buy. Maybe the EVA helmet for $1? Maybe it with a bundle of coatings, attachments, and other armor pieces for $5? Sure. Right now it’d probably run $20 and that’s just silly.


If I recall correctly Titanfall 2 has cosmetics you can buy, but they don’t exceed 10 bucks. Hell, some of the weapon skins give you 2xp while you use them and they’re only 5 dollars.

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Thanks for keeping the server up. I have spent 70 dollars on Apex since launch lol, I am satisfied even as a freeloader

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Nice. If I want 2XP for Infinite I have to buy some Pop-Tarts lol

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Yeah, for sure, I’m a whale. I work for my money and I’m lucky that I have enough that I can spend frivolously now and again, but I still don’t like being taken for a sucker. I know that I am a sucker, but come on, 343i, don’t make it such an obvious feeling when I look at the store’s offerings.

People can spend their money how they please, for sure. Just like I might scoff at some people spending their money on the latest sneakers or some high-fashion item, I’m sure others would scoff at me spending any money on video games, let alone the amount that I spend on entertainment products in any given year. But at the end of the day, 343i needs to show consumers a bit more respect with how they handle progression and micro transactions. I like that there aren’t loot boxes, but removing the randomness of REQ packs isn’t enough of a justification to have prices so high and have so little available to players for free.

The Season Pass progression is another beast altogether, and a bit outside the scope of the discussion right now, but the initial execution of that reflects a general lack of respect being shown to players, their time and their money. The current Tenrai event is also pretty bungled, honestly, and that really worries me for the future of Infinite.

Whoever is in charge of the Infinite shop, progress and economy – or more likely, it’s a group of people – really need to get back to the drawing board immediately and figure out a much better way to treat their player base. If they want our money – and it’s clear that some of us are willing to give it – they need to show us that they care about our feedback, they care about our time, and they want to give us really strong value for our dollar.


No problem buddy that’s the point of the f2p model :joy:

At least you get stuff for free in Apex though.

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Even if classic armors cost less. Who wants to unlock the same rewards again. Some cases for the 3rd time.